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How to measure for Eyelet Curtains

Quick Measuring Tips!

  • Eyelet curtains are only suitable for poles
  • There will be approximately 3cm of additional fabric above the top of the pole, if you would prefer a different amount then please let us know.
  • Measure to the nearest whole cm
  • Measure in several places to allow for any irregularities and use the smallest of those measurements
  • Always use a metal or wooden tape for better accuracy
  • Always measure the pole not the window
  • Fabric gather (fullness) is already included in our curtain calculations, so it is the width of your pole that you should enter
  • Get someone else to help by holding one end of the tape
  • Always use something safe to stand on rather than stretch

The measuring process is very straightforward, however if at any time you need assistance then please click here.

How to measure for Eyelet Curtains

Measuring for Eyelet Curtains

Measure the distance between A and B, which is the pole only and excludes the finials (the decorative ends on your pole).

Measure the smallest distance between C (which is the top of the pole) and D which could be any one of the following:

  • To a window sill, in which case measure to the sill then deduct 1 cm* so that the curtain will sit that amount off the sill.
  • Below the sill, in which case measure to the sill and then add 15 cm*. If there is a radiator within 15 cm below the sill then measure to the radiator and deduct 1 cm*.
  • To the floor, in which case measure to the floor then deduct 1 cm* so that the curtains will sit above the floor.
  • Trailing on the floor to create an unconventional and contemporary look, simply add as much fabric as you wish to trail on the floor.

  • * These allowances are only a guide, you can choose any allowance which best suits your preference.

Eyelet Curtains


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